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Silage Bunker Covers and Ag Plastic from PowerFill
PowerFill Bunker Covers:

We carry all the standard size and length covers such as 32', 40, 50, and 60' wide material in lengths up to 200'.

Our oversized inventory contains regular sizes of 80 and 100' wide material in lengths of up to 500'. However we regularly custom order sizes up to and including 250' wide and 500' long. Longer lengths are available in some sizes and normally the only restriction is the actual weight of the finished roll.

When using oversized silage tarps (anything wider than 60’) you will most certainly run into tarps with seams where narrower panels will have been welded together to create a greater width. When you put weight on the sides to anchor the tarp down you will notice that the stretch comes perpendicular to the run of the seam and if there is a problem in the strength of the seam it can let go and cause you some trouble patching and fixing. Due to the perpendicular stretch applied when weighing the tarp down you will also see any runs in the tarp go down the length of the pile.

This year we have been working on creating something new to address these issues. We have come up with a style of cover that has seams run across the width rather than the length of the pile.

Using this method we create extra strength. The cross pile seams will act similar to a series of built in tie down straps. The new seams will also be a full 1.5 inches wide of pressed and heated contact to create an ultra strong bond making a seam break a thing of the past.

As an added bonus, if the tarp does suffer a run (remember runs will travel down the length of the pile due to the stretch pressure), it can only run to the next seam, which will then stop it.

The smallest tarp in the oversized category would be 70 x 100’. The sizes will go up from there in 10’ increments on the width, and 25’ increments on the length for custom orders. The largest tarp we have seen has been 250 x 500. Our stock sizes will be:
80 x 150
80 x 200        100 x 200
80 x 250        100 x 250
80 x 300        100 x 300
80 x 500        100 x 500
These will be on a first come first serve basis based on our current inventory, so don’t wait too long to place an order.

Additional options for this season include a mesh enforced bunker cover which could be used rather than double tarping a pile. The mesh strengthens the tarp as well as preventing any tears or punctures from growing or migrating.

Find the manufacturers website at www.integraplastics.com or see our other supplier at www.rufco.com

Call us for more information and special orders.



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